Cool Café's in Seoul Seongsu-dong (서울 성수동 빵집)

I always spend a portion of my free time on Naver, looking for new things to do in Seoul.
Jen's been talking about a cafe she wanted to visit and coincidentally, the one I wanted to see was in the same location. The first was Café Onion, which I'm disappointed at because I honestly thought there'd be onions hanging from the ceiling but to my dismay, there weren't any. The second was Urban Source. They're both found in Seongsu-dong. (성수동)



Now, this is the room where tiny bakers can be found making magic.

Just kidding.

They're not tiny but they certainly are magicians.

Conveniently, the workers have a good view of the pantry so when food is running low, they make more of what's required and send it down on this cool mini-lift thing.
Since this is a popular café the main area was really packed and we just about managed to find a rooftop seat. If you ever plan on visiting, come when it's not a peak time.
Jen got the 팡도르 (pandor, 5,000원) and an Iced Americano. (4,500원
I got the 치즈바게뜨 (cheese baguette, 4,000원) which was surprisingly sweet and a glass of carrot juice. (5,000원)
Personally, I don't think was worth it for the cost mainly due to the fact that I expected it to be as big as Jen's Americano.
 Which happened to be sweating as much as I was >_<
The sign where the bread was displayed said:
"카스텔라 같은 식감
바닐라반 슾가파우더."
"Castella like texture with vanilla powder."
If you like really sweet things this will be right up your street.
After Onion we headed towards Urban Source.
Open Everyday: 
We didn't get any food here but there is an Instagram Photo Booth stand thing. Is that what it's called?Anyway I obviously had to take advantage of it. Let's just agree that I live my life to embarrass Jen.
Clearly Onion and Urban Source have two different concepts. Urban Source is more vibrant whereas Onion is more industrial.
Once again I've left the maps for you below!

Café Onion:

Urban Source:

Exploring Garosu-gil (가로수길) in Gangnam (강남)

If you ever find yourself wanting to experience what I now call the equivalent of Sloan Square, you'll want to hop on a train to 강남 (Gangnam).

Gangnam is one of the richest area's in Seoul and also the place where the majority of celebrities reside. It's also home to the Coex mall which I'll be paying a visit to soon! The first place we visited was a popular café called 디센트 (D'ssent).

D'ssent is known for its marble tables and the general feeling of all your aesthetical (lol yes I made that word up) goals being met. 
Well, certainly mine. 
I mean look, there's even a massive cactus there!
When you want to order they have an iPad set up for you to look through the menu. I ordered the Green Tea cake with the D'ssent signature latte. Jen got the Red velvet cake with the Peach ball drink.
I think I wasted too much time being engulfed in food photography and just generally taking my surroundings in because mine started to melt and tasted funky. I'd definitely advice you to eat it immediately!
Unless slushy cake is something you're into.
Even though we see each other nearly everyday (we work together!) we still find a way to talk for hours about life in general. This time we planned our goals and what we aim to achieve for the next year.
Surprisingly, that was all the fuel we needed to explore 가로수길! Once again, we stumbled across another Gentle Monster which we had to check out.

I managed to prod Jen into the direction of starting a youtube channel! She uploads once a week so you can check out our day in video form here!

The last stop of the day was Bad Farmers. I thought I'd never heard of them until Jen informed me that the juices I get every morning from the convenience store are made by them.

This is the place you go to when you want to cleanse yourself from the junk you've eaten all week. In this case it was pizza.
There was a 10 minute wait time so we had to put our name down and wait to be called. Whenever I'm in this situation I never know if I should write my English name or my Korean name down.
Our orders arrived and we dug in!

I ordered the 배드파머스 샐러드 보울 or Bad Farmers salad bowl which includes Quinoa, Roast Chicken, Broccoli, Cheddar Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Millet. I doused mine with the Basil Pesto dressing.

Jen ordered the 아보콥 or Avo Cobb which includes Romain, Smoked Salmon, Roast Chicken, Avocado (duh),  Cherry Tomatoes, Olives (yuk), Egg and Corn (everything in Korea has corn added to it lol)

We peaced out after this to see our friend for her birthday! You can find all the maps for the locations down below.

See you in the next post!


Gentle Monster:

Bad Farmers: