Jess Wright x Kiss Launch Party

Who doesn't love a good party?

Planning an outfit, getting your hair and makeup done and spending quality time with friends?
If only I could do that everyday.

Recently I was invited to a launch party and this one was a cracker.
For all my non-Brits reading "TOWIE" also known as "The Only Way Is Essex" is a reality TV show that airs here. I guess it's some what similar to the Real Housewives of *insert desired place here.*

Well TOWIE star Jess Wright recently became the new ambassador for the KISS beauty collection and the PR team kindly contacted me to see if I wanted to come along.
Of course I accepted and brought my plus one.

Jess is representing KISS nails, eyelashes and imPRESS nails. The US store can be found here however if you're in the UK you can find them at your local Boots or Superdrug.
Personally, I've never been drawn to false nails. Mine are really strong and look like they've been french manicured so I can get away with painting them myself. If I want a salon like finish I use my holy grail top coat.
Though I always had glossy nails, my only issue was how often the actual polish chipped and the annoyance that occurs when one doesn't have enough nail polish remover. (Something I always seem to fall victim to.)

The thought of quickly being able to throw on colour without making a mistake and maybe carrying a small tube of glue with you if one happened to fly off into the near distance? Possibly poking someone in the eye?

I was hopeful but still skeptical.
The lovely technician first started by shaping them to give them a bit more pizazz.
The press ons were then measured against my nails in order to find the perfect fit.
And now... the fun part!

Nail glue was added to both my nail and the other nail then quickly pressed together.
(Yes that was a weird explanation but give me a break here.)

Even as I type this post I still can't help but stretch out my fingers to look at them. I feel like I've been kept out of the loop with these and will definitely wear them whenever I'm too lazy to paint mine.

After a few glasses of wine, the next agenda was the eyelash station. I have very curly eyelashes and it takes heaps of mascara in order to make them visible to the human eye. On the two occasions that I have been brave enough to opt for false eyelashes they have both resulted in complete and utter disaster.

When I want to wear eyelashes I want them to feel like I'm not wearing any opposed to feeling as if metal rods are weighing my little eyes down. Both Jess and the make up artist recommended the Lily lash describing them as "perfect for a night out."
She started with measuring them against my eye and cut off the smallest corner
They were glued onto my lash line and the excess glue was wiped off with a cotton bud.
Light and fluttery!

Alongside learning some game changing beauty hacks, I also got to meet another lovely blogger! You know when you meet someone for the first time but it certainly couldn't have been the first time because you've already bonded over any and everything?
That's exactly the experience I had when I met the lovely Jodie.
You can find her amazing blog here.
Dress - Zara
(Currently sold out but I've linked other dresses I think are equally cute)

Bracelet - Givenchy

Well that's all for now So-ho, see you soon!
(Awful pun, I'll just see myself out)

Back Soon!

(No your browser isn't broken! Comments are off for this post.)
You've probably noticed it's been a tad bit quiet around here. I've taken a few days to disconnect/tweak a few things but I'll be back in a week.
Make sure to check out my new "Love List" section whilst I go back to meditating.

Surprise Birthday

For me, a birthday isn't just for the celebrant.  It's mainly for the celebrators!
Having all of my loved ones together is probably one of the best sights I could ask for.
Well next to the sight of a slice of chocolate cake... anyway, I digress.

I usually plan my birthday's as I like being in control (Yes, I'm working on that.)
So to hear that a surprise was lingering in the air was... well... let me be honest - it was a test.
Not being in charge of the guest list or the venue was frustrating to say the least.
For all I know, I could've ended up unconscious in the corner of Mexico. (Which probably would've made one hell of a post...)

I was told to arrive at Monument station at 7:40pm sharp and to no avail, London traffic lead to an 8pm arrival.
I finally arrived and was greeted to a table filled with friends that I had known for over a decade! I remember the days when we would run around our classrooms as 11 year olds wearing our kilts, so seeing everyone all grown up was overwhelming. I was welcomed with a Bellini and a suspicious package from Aspinal.
Now I'm not too fussed about presents. As cliché as it sounds, memories are a gift enough.
However, anything from Aspinal of London will definitely make me shifty eyed. I always "ooh" and "ahh" at their stationery and bags. As my family weren't dining with me I knew I wouldn't get told off for opening it before we ordered the food.
^ with utter grace of course.
This was literally the best gift idea. I'd been cursed with a neon pink cardholder from Juicy Couture which definitely defeated the purpose of it being discrete so thank you Abi!

One thing I have been asked is what the "RME" in my url stands for.
Well, I'm happy to announce it actually stands for "Reindeers March Everywhere." I love Christmas.

Haha I'm only kidding. (I do love Christmas though!)

They're just a few of my initials. My parents gave me a lot of names so when I have things monogramed they vary between CMT, CET, CME, CMR, CER, CMA it goes on and on.

A few glasses of wine in and it was time to order. We dined at the Folly and you can find their info here
I settled for a medium rare Sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce and watercress (which I think is the most useless vegetable ever.)
Steak can be a hit or miss if not cooked correctly but I would definitely return for this one!
Naturally someone suggested we play "How many men has Cassandra liked in the past 5 years" which I shut down immediately and just like magic, a cake arrived!

Let's see if it comes true in the next few months!
After dinner we danced away at a nearby bar and that was that! I'm lucky to have the greatest friends ever. Each and everyone of them have helped me in their own special way and I'll forever repay them. If you're more interested in the dangerous number I was wearing here are the details
Dress - Love Triangle 
(NB: I'm in between a 10 and 12 but got a size up. They have a more sensible skater dress version which I might have to get my hands on here)
Fave heels - ASOS (sold out!)
Watch I always wear - Larsson & Jennings
^ not so graceful afterall.