Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Where all the streets of London are carefully decorated with beautiful lights, mulled wine is in abundance and most importantly, food. Masses of fairs and markets open for the public to really get themselves in the Christmas spirit. The most popular being Winter Wonderland.
Surprisingly enough, I'd never actually been before.

Let me explain.

The majority of my friends had already been when they were younger and whenever I would try to convince them to visit with me, I'd always fail. This year, instead of waiting around for them to change their minds, I decided to go with my younger brother instead...

...which also failed.

Because this time, the annual Christmas reunion with my secondary school friends happened to be held their instead. So I put some boots on and headed to Hyde Park with my friend O. (Sorry brother!)
Now, winter wonderland closes at 10pm and we didn't arrive until 9:15. (Mainly my fault because I was falling asleep and convinced O that I needed a coffee unless she wanted me to become a meme like this Windows rollercoaster guy - warning he curses) However, I secretly think it was a blessing in disguise because the park was more or less empty, giving us a more personal experience.
We first turned left to the drinks stand to equip ourselves with mulled wines and hot chocolates.
Mulled wines at the ready we headed to the Angels Market.
 My KISS press on nails from the previous post are still going strong!
Amongst the overwhelming amount of cute toys and trinkets I began uncontrollably laughing.
Is this the new 21st century mermaid? The stall owner gave me the "Is this girl OK? Why is she laughing out loud alone?" look that I'm very familiar with.
Even though our timing made the park quite empty, it also meant there wasn't enough time to play the overpriced fairground games. Maybe I'll go during the day so I can wear a winter appropriate Mariah Carey "Fantasy" outfit and have as much fun and she did in her music video.

^ not entirely sure what happened here. Let's just focus on how cute the bear is.
There were a few things that felt somewhat out of place. Like this for example:
and whatever this is supposed to be:
From a distance one of my friends thought he was looking into a magnifying glass.
M, it's clearly a bird!
And just like that, 10pm struck and it was time to leave.
I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and to those who didn't celebrate, a nice break.
Let's see what 2017 has in store!

Jess Wright x Kiss Launch Party

Who doesn't love a good party?

Planning an outfit, getting your hair and makeup done and spending quality time with friends?
If only I could do that everyday.

Recently I was invited to a launch party and this one was a cracker.
For all my non-Brits reading "TOWIE" also known as "The Only Way Is Essex" is a reality TV show that airs here. I guess it's some what similar to the Real Housewives of *insert desired place here.*

Well TOWIE star Jess Wright recently became the new ambassador for the KISS beauty collection and the PR team kindly contacted me to see if I wanted to come along.
Of course I accepted and brought my plus one.

Jess is representing KISS nails, eyelashes and imPRESS nails. The US store can be found here however if you're in the UK you can find them at your local Boots or Superdrug.
Personally, I've never been drawn to false nails. Mine are really strong and look like they've been french manicured so I can get away with painting them myself. If I want a salon like finish I use my holy grail top coat.
Though I always had glossy nails, my only issue was how often the actual polish chipped and the annoyance that occurs when one doesn't have enough nail polish remover. (Something I always seem to fall victim to.)

The thought of quickly being able to throw on colour without making a mistake and maybe carrying a small tube of glue with you if one happened to fly off into the near distance? Possibly poking someone in the eye?

I was hopeful but still skeptical.
The lovely technician first started by shaping them to give them a bit more pizazz.
The press ons were then measured against my nails in order to find the perfect fit.
And now... the fun part!

Nail glue was added to both my nail and the other nail then quickly pressed together.
(Yes that was a weird explanation but give me a break here.)

Even as I type this post I still can't help but stretch out my fingers to look at them. I feel like I've been kept out of the loop with these and will definitely wear them whenever I'm too lazy to paint mine.

After a few glasses of wine, the next agenda was the eyelash station. I have very curly eyelashes and it takes heaps of mascara in order to make them visible to the human eye. On the two occasions that I have been brave enough to opt for false eyelashes they have both resulted in complete and utter disaster.

When I want to wear eyelashes I want them to feel like I'm not wearing any opposed to feeling as if metal rods are weighing my little eyes down. Both Jess and the make up artist recommended the Lily lash describing them as "perfect for a night out."
She started with measuring them against my eye and cut off the smallest corner
They were glued onto my lash line and the excess glue was wiped off with a cotton bud.
Light and fluttery!

Alongside learning some game changing beauty hacks, I also got to meet another lovely blogger! You know when you meet someone for the first time but it certainly couldn't have been the first time because you've already bonded over any and everything?
That's exactly the experience I had when I met the lovely Jodie.
You can find her amazing blog here.
Dress - Zara
(Currently sold out but I've linked other dresses I think are equally cute)

Bracelet - Givenchy

Well that's all for now So-ho, see you soon!
(Awful pun, I'll just see myself out)