Arriving in Cambridge

I had a weekend filled with mishaps.
Food poisoning and a combination of other things were not how I planned to spend my weekend of "complete and utter relaxation" but I guess the universe had other things in store.
Abi, being the psychic wizard that she is, invited me to take a quick trip to Cambridge with her for a few days.
"A change of scenery is important, especially when you have weekends like yours. We can watch the show choir perform and then go galavanting around the colleges!"
It was time to pull myself out of the doldrums.
We packed, got on a few trains and before we knew it we arrived in our gorgeous apartment.

My father is absolutely obsessed with interior design and house renovation programmes.
As a teen, anytime 'Location, Location, Location' or  'Grand Designs' was on, the family would gather around the television and watch episode after episode. Mainly because he would hog the television. I realised his interests were starting to rub off on me when he called to tell me that we were getting new carpets throughout our house and I got excited. The level of excitement one would get if they were gifted open return tickets to the Seychelles or something. Is "I'm turning into my father" a thing that's commonly said? If so, I'm living proof of that.
Anyway, I digress.
I immediately fell in love with the colour scheme of the living room. So much that I completely disregarded the rest of the apartment!
I never thought green could look so nice on kitchen cupboards or blinds. Let alone walls...

 ^ seriously have you ever seen a lamp this big...

^ this second lamp picture is necessary - just incase you missed the previous one.

I'd definitely recommend renting an apartment compared to booking a hotel room if you're travelling around England. It works out a lot cheaper and you have tons of additional space at your hands to do the silly things such as prancing around or normal things like inviting guests over. Abi and I booked this a day before our arrival and ended up saving £50 between us so take the risk and book closer to the date! Click here for the details. (Alpha Apartments)

^ the lamp...

It was time for the galavanting to commence and as spring had finally sprung (tysm baby jesus) I opted against my usual all black ensembles and tried colour.

Though this trip was supposed to be an unwinding one, I did have the intention of getting at least some work done. Then again, when you're in the epitome of picturesque England and you have a camera at hand... as DJ Khaled would say: "Don't play yourself."

Wouldn't recommend these boots - far too slouchy.
Le Sac and Le Cap are out of stock!

More on our adventure in the next post!

JF London LFW Photo Diary

I'm not even going to explain my absence as no one likes the sound of a broken record.
I was however invited to a London Fashion Week event for the JF London A/W16 preview at the W hotel a few nights ago and got up to a lot of mischief.
So much mischief that I didn't end up taking enough pictures!
So instead of leaving the few I have to rust away in my hard drive this post will be a photo diary with the odd caption here and there.

Dress - Mango 
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Coat - Topshop
Bag - Yoki
Cuff Bracelet - Aspinal
Tennis Bracelet - Swarovski 
Jumpsuit - ASOS
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Clutch - Balsamik

 ^ I finally got to meet the gorgeous Paula from "Let's Do Casual" my first blogger friend ever since I started this thing. She was an absolute delight make sure you check her out!

^ My transition faces are awful.


I've lived in and out of Brighton for over two years now & I can just about count how many times I've visited the famous pier... on two fingers.

The first time was when I was a little girl.
My childhood best friend & her mother, who I still consider my second mother to this day, took as on all the rides, to the arcade and after that she let us run around in our underwear by the sea. Cutest pictures ever may I add.

The second time was in 2014.
During my first year of university my housemate and I decided we'd take a walk by the beach to recover from our end of exam celebration.
This seemed lovely and all until a seagull kindly did its business on my brand new hat. 
To this day I've had a little thing against those gulls.
To add to that, we managed to forget that we lived on the top of what seemed like the steepest hill in Brighton. 
Let's just say she had to carry me home that afternoon. 

^ blast to the past March 2014.
I still live with her to this day and as it's my final year here we're trying to make the most of our time together. 
So on a not so glorious afternoon we dusted our boots and headed to the place where it all began. 
Odd socks and all!
The sounds of gusting winds and chiming birds fill the air; really making the pier a good de-stress mechanism. 
Although it could also be your worst nightmare.
^ Seems like seagulls love to photobomb me.
For most visitors the pier is also an excellent place for photography, family fun or even a romantic stroll.
 For me personally, it was the perfect time to let loose.
There are so many things you can do here. For example, you can act like a statue.

You can observe the galaxies through a telescope.
But not just any old telescope oh no.
This one talks to you.
So that means you can make friends!
You can act like an infant.
You can even pretend to be a model. The list is endless!
But don't pretend for too long. You're guaranteed a slip up or twelve!
 Coat - Zara 
(Sold out in Black but should be restocked soon!)
Boots - New Look (Similar) 
Jeans (The best ever) - GAP
Roll Neck - Asos (Similar)
Watch - Larsson & Jennings
Tartan Scarf - H&M (Similar), (Similar)
Satchel - Topshop (Similar), (Similar)
Before I knew it, I suddenly spotted a swarm of birds flying by which looked like they were having a party.
Imagine how much havoc all those birds would cause if they ended up in your room. *SQUAAUUUUUKK SQUAAUUUUUUKK*.
This made me cry with laughter.
Housemate was very confused at this point.
Oh well at least I had my scarf to wipe away the tears.

If you're a snapchatter mine is: xiaomoka

Before you leave you mustn't forget to get some rock candy & say goodbye to the jelly baby.
& don't be shy to pucker up!

I'm certainly going to miss Brighton when I leave.

Rock on! (Geddit?)