Scuba Skirt in Oba


Shopping before a holiday can be a tad stressful.
Especially when you're flying out the next day & have a limited amount of time.
My family are a spontaneous bunch & the main culprit is my lovely Father.

Every holiday he's booked has been finalised a few days before departure. (He doesn't seem to understand that I am a woman & I take years to prepare for things). He'll usually send me a text message (yes you read correctly, my Father is as tech savvy as I) from work (during free time of course) saying something along the lines of:
"Cass, we're flying out to (insert location here) for the week so make sure you & your brother start packing."
That happened again.
As I didn't have time to order new pieces online, I took my horse & trotted off to Oxford Street. (Realistically I summoned an Uber but a horse would've been so much fun!)
Now, I have developed a thing for interesting prints (except for Aztec. Not my forté).
So imagine my excitement when I finally got to wear this beauty:

Kindly ignoring my awkward tan and stance, isn't she lovely? Very easy item to just throw on when in a rush, especially with the early morning starts I had. Larsson & Jennings watch.
 After a very bland slice of hotel pizza, we headed to Oba for lunch.
Check out the size of this vase! & yes before you ask, I did consider kidnapping it but unfortunately the cons outweighed the pros. Maybe next time!
I probably would have taken more pictures if I didn't end up in a food coma...


  1. If I were a female, I'll want the scuba skirt...

  2. You look really good in patterns like that :)