London, Farewell.


For some reason this one post alone took about 3 weeks to write.

Usually I can write a post in one sitting but I guess this one is really important as I have some explaining to do...

Originally, I had written a long emotional monologue type post (lol, no not really. who am I kidding??) expressing my love for travel and where it stemmed from. (no I did not do this. this is a lie)

Long story short, it nearly marks 1 month since I moved to South Korea. 
I'm here to work, explore, study and then possibly to work again. 
So far I'm loving it! I've been blessed with the best colleagues and managers.

A week before I left, I threw an intimate going away dinner with some of my closest friends. I gave them the choice of picking a cuisine and naturally they wanted to experience the food I'll be eating for the next few years or so.

I ended up settling for a restaurant called Cah-Chi (which I'd recommend) located in Earlsfield. The last minute reservation was made, some super casual clothes were slipped on (this is rare) and I arrived at the location with Onayomi. 

While we waited for the others to arrive we ordered a bottle of Soju to get the party started. Soju is a beverage that comes in many different flavors. Similar to vodka but less of a percentage. (Maybe 10% less?)

Mirose was next to arrive and we decided to order some soup starters.
I ordered the 야채스프 (Yachae soup) which is a soup (duh) with assorted vegetables. Very light and perfect for a starter.

Onayomi and Mirose ordered the 육개장스프 (Yukgaejang soup) which had a spicy vegetable base and shredded beef.
 ^ Starters for our starters.

Finally the rest of the crew arrived. The majority of my friends had never tried Korean food before so I had to call the shots. I described as much as I could and we all agreed to order the Korean barbecue. I knew it would be the best food to share and would be an interesting experience for the girls.

After some more drinks and giggles the starters 반찬 (banchan) for the BBQ arrived.
For time saving purposes (and because I'm lazy right now) I'll describe a few of them.

군만두 (Gun-mandu) homemade dumplings with either a vegetable or pork filling.
These were really crispy. I like crispy food.

오징어퇴김 (Ojingoe twigim) deep fried baby squid served with vinaigrette chili sauce.
More of this please!!

내 사랑 김치 (My love, Kimchi) a staple side dish. In essence it is fermented picked spicy cabbage.
My fridge is currently filled with kimchi. It's supposed to be a side dish but I can eat it with plain rice and be happy.

닭꼬지 (Dak-koji) chicken skewers drizzled in teriyaki sauce.
My friends seemed to like these a lot!

젓갈 (Jeotgal) pickled squid seasoned with hot sauce.
This was a crowd pleaser as well.

나물 (Namul) bean sprouts.
 We had variety of steamed 나물 but my favorite is 숙주나물 which was seasoned with garlic and sesame oil. All of these side dishes (plus the others I didn't mention) can be added to the 상추쌈 (Sangchu ssam) lettuce wrap.
Now it was time to dig into the barbecue. My side of the table got the 삼겹살 (Samgyupsal) pork belly served with salt and sesame oil and the 닭불고기 (Dak-bulgogi) thinly sliced chicken fillet marinated in a secret sauce. Kailia's side had the 소갈비 (So-galbi) Beef spare ribs also marinated in a secret sauce.

It was all so yummy! I wish I took more pictures explaining how to make a 상추쌈 lettuce wrap but we were all too deep in conversation. Maybe next time!
When we were all stuffed we took some pictures and the emotional part started (lol no thank you). Prepare for an influx of photos:


The night ended and we all parted our separate ways.

I'd just like to take the time out to say thank you for all the lovely messages I've received! And also a big thank you to my friends for being both supportive and encouraging!

So unless you haven't already realized this, my blog is going into a new direction. I'll be blogging about my new experiences here in Korea and all the new places I'll travel to. (Japan is 1hr 30mins away!) So if you're interested stay tuned!


  1. All the Best in your Pursuit Cuz..
    Much Love!
    -Muoneke Ogochukwu Emmanuella (Dr. Ella)

  2. This all looks so, SO good! I'm always looking for good Korean BBQ places in London.

    I'm going to Korea for 3 months soon and this got me so excited! I'm totally going to follow you on Insta and Twitter to make sure I don't miss any of your recommendations!

    - Elodie x

    1. Ah great!!! I hope you enjoy yourself! How long will you be here for and where?

      Let me know if you need a tour guide I can try my best!~

  3. How exciting that you get to see new places and experiences. I can't wait to reat all about your new journeys.

  4. New experiences are always great!

    But I have to say, that barbecue looks amazing! And the food looks delicious!