Mademoiselle Privé Chanel Exhibition in Seoul


This is the 3rd time I've had to write this post because my draft kept deleting itself!
Sadly this exhibition is over now but if you didn't have a chance to see it, you can experience it here!

On June 23rd, the next chapter of the "Mademoiselle Privé" was displayed at the D-Museum (디뮤지엄) here in Korea!

Say "디뮤지엄으로 가주세요"  (Dimyujieom gajuseyo) to the cab driver or better yet show the driver the map and they'll take you there.

You'll end up at a building that looks something like this.

When it comes to fashion, I prefer classic brands such a Burberry, Givenchy and Chanel so when my lovely friend Jen mentioned the exhibition had come to Seoul we squealed and made it our mission to attend. The previous chapter was displayed in London, but I was really impatient (The queue at the Saatchi gallery had a 2 hour waiting time!) and couldn't attend.
When you walk into the first room, you enter Gabrielle Chanel's boutique that was located in Deauville. This is where she made and sold hats as well as other accessories. She also made clothes for clients which shaped the fashion industry forever.
My mother used to have a dresser like this. I remember sneaking into the bedroom to play with her jewellery and makeup as a child. Come to think of it, I also remember being on a lot of timeouts...
The next room was filled with Totems. These Totems were filled with symbols that relate to Chanel and the brand. Many of these symbols could be found in her 31 rue Cambon apartment in Paris. Karl Lagerfield made sure to carry on this legacy by including them in many current pieces.
This geometric piece captivated me the most. Not because I did a maths degree so by nature, I'm attracted to shapes but it was mainly due to the simplicity of it. Jiyong Lee curated this and it's supposed to represent the Camellia - Gabrielle Chanel's fetish flower.
Something I will always love are pearls. Throw on a pearl necklace to any outfit (Except a tracksuit of course) and it will automatically become that much more classy. That's something my mother taught me. She loved pearls!
After we walked through the draped room (which I would've taken more pictures of but I was honestly in a trance at this point) we entered into the show room displaying the twelve haute couture pieces. Here feather and embroidery work could be seen up close from the House of Lemarié and House of Lesage.

This dress was one of my favourites and it took around 112hours to make!
This part was very interesting. Mainly because I've never seen a concept like this before. The pictures here look normal, right?
Well they suddenly they began to move and I had to blink a few times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. I let out a small scream causing the people next to me to walk away because they thought I was crazy. I thought the string holding the pictures had broken or something!! Turns out they were just reshuffling.
 Can you see the fear in my face?
"우아~~ 신기하다! 진짜!!"

The final room of the exhibition was dedicated to the Chanel celebrity ambassadors. G-Dragon, Rita Ora and Irene Kim were featured here (Just to name a few) and they can be seen wearing pieces from the Bijoux de Diamants collection which happened to be shown in Seoul for the first time!
 반짝반짝~ Jen and I tried to imitate the poses.
I think we did a good job...
 Until I spotted G-Dragon. I LOVE YOU!!!111!!1
But I love you more Jen! Thanks for making my first 2 months in Korea so fun!!
After the exhibition we found a random café and got some food down us before we jetted off to Hongdae to meet with friends. You can see a post about my first time in Hongdae here!
 ^ This fan has been my lifesaver whilst living here. It is so HOT.

We had so much fun at the exhibition and I can't wait to visit the D-museum again! For anyone visiting Korea soon and interested in exhibitions like this, you can find the website here.


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