About Me



I'm Cassandra! 
Nice to "meet" you.

I'm on the left in case you were wondering who the random girl was.

After I met my grandparents for the first time this summer (2015) I decided to create this blog in order to keep in touch with my many other relatives and friends who are also dotted around the globe.

It has opened a few opportunities which I'm grateful for and I've connected with so many lovely and insightful people. Sometimes it's nice to sit with bloggers and discuss SEO related things.

I never wanted to fall victim to being the individual that lived in an amazing city and didn't take time to appreciate their surroundings.

The cliché is; "life is short."

And London is one hell of a place to live in! 


I don't have a photographer that runs around and captures my memories. In fact, that would make me very uncomfortable (!!)

But for the most part, I do take all photos on this blog myself
Unless I'm in them of course.

I currently shoot with a Canon 1200D with a 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 lens. It's definitely the perfect entry level camera.

 I do however plan to upgrade before the end of the year to a 760D or maybe even the 5D III if I'm feeling brave enough.

I also edit with Photoshop CC and occasionally Lightroom.
Just to correct my amateur photography mistakes. (I'm still learning!)

If you'd like to work together pop a message in my contact form!

And to everyone who has tagged alone so far, thanks and I'm thrilled my weirdness hasn't scared you away just yet!

Unless you haven't already noticed the social media icons, you can mainly find me here for the most part.

I hardly tweet or post on tumblr but on the rare occasion that I do, you can find me here and here respectively.