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Upcoming singer songwriter Cassandra graced the world of music at the young age of 5, singing solos in church choirs, actively encouraged to pursue her craft. 


Cassandra Serenade
Cassandra Serenade


After completing a BSc in Mathematics and Finance, this London native undertook a new challenge; living in South Korea for 5 years. 


Learning to speak Korean prompted her introduction to new genres and it was there she first invested in a home studio, beginning the path towards her first single release.

Cassandra Serenade
Cassandra Serenade


Classical training and influence from greats, such as Whitney Houston, Brandy, and Mariah Carey have drawn a template of expression which transcends multiple genres. Many listeners find comfort in the poetic thrum of her song lyrics, which transcend to a literary realm.


Her music evokes a curiosity of art, form, and narrative, as she explores new song structures and melodies. A maths grad with a love for art, her songs are both abstract and experimental; yet, hold a precise deliberation within every note.

Cassandra Serenade

Written by YasminFlwr

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