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Bye 2023

Another year is about to leave us.

Honestly, this time it feels weird to say.

I don't know about you, but for me, it felt like 2023 was never going to end and 2024 still doesn't sound like a real year. Though it's cold and as a result, becoming harder to function, I was able to do some 'end of year' reflections. Looking back on the year I thought would never end, it was a pretty 'normal' year.

There were a lot of ups, what felt like endless downs, and general neutrality. And I've finally accepted that there is beauty in normality. Still working on seeing the beauty in the downs though.

As a child and teen, I remember every birthday wishing for myself and the people around me to be happy and would feel defeated when happiness wasn't achieved.

Now as an adult, I've learnt that happiness manifests in various forms including neutrality and contentment and that's fine. Am I the only one that thinks being happy all the time sounds exhausting?

I can finally see the happiness in the goals that weren't achieved this year in favour for the ones that were and can just peacefully carry those goals forward. Let us enter this coming year with peace, have positive experiences, and cope with the negative ones. Cassandra.

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